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Tips For Getting JACKED Naturally
April 11, 2023

What a Natural Bodybuilder Should Know About The Stress Hormone Cortisol:

The natural bodybuilder must train hard enough to prompt growth; but building muscle is a stress on the body, and the Cortisol naturally rises with stress. If this hormone is chronically elevated for too long, it can impede the building of muscle.

When you train, you mobilize fuel through muscle glycogen or energy stored in fat cells. The more fuel mobilized the higher Cortisol rises.

2 ways to minimize creating excess amounts of Cortisol is by ingesting small amounts of fast-absorbing carbs before and/or during workouts and including up to 1 gram of vitamin C.

To help bring Cortisol under control after a workout, wait a couple of hours and take up to 1 gram vitamin C, 5-20g of glycine and 500mg of magnesium.

4 Things I’ve Learnt After 40-Years of Natural Bodybuilding

Being a lifetime natural with over 40 years of training under my belts, I’ve leant a thing or 2 about natural bodybuilding.

If you want help unleashing your best ever natural physique, visit my profile. Here are 4 things I want to share…

1: What is optimal for a natural bodybuilder will still work for an enhanced athlete, but the opposite isn't necessarily true for the natural bodybuilder when it comes to Protein Synthesis, Cortisol, Volume and Frequency, Reps in Reserve and Diet.

2: When it comes to long-term natural bodybuilding, it’s all about exercising patience and being thankful for any ounce of muscle that comes your way.

3: Different to what some might say, main-gaining for natty lifters isn’t the most optimal way of building the most muscle.

You must Map out a period when you exceed your daily maintenance calories in order to increase scale weight and gym strength. The cutting process comes after.

4: Sleep, and stress management is key to building natural muscle – so learn the importance of both.

Next week we're going to chat about volume and frequency.

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