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Dumbbell WorkoutIt's My Mission To Get You Jacked!

Welcome to Mission Jacked, the dumbbell workout and minimal equipment resource for building muscle and getting you absolutely Jacked. If you train in a facility that hasn’t got the variety of equipment as a mega gym, or you’re stuck wondering what exercises to include for your next dumbbell home workout, this site is for you.

If you thought it was impossible to upgrade your physique naturally training with minimal equipment, think again...At the age of 50-something, I'm doing it - Why Can't You?

Hi, I’m Psymon H., your online training partner, workout motivator and the man behind arguably the best home workout program for building muscle and creating a better physique, the BIG-UP Training System.

You see, I’ve been clashing with weights in pursuit of a better physique ever since I was 12 years old, and at the age of 16 I bought my first gym membership. When I was 36, I suffered a horrific injury in a car accident, and started training at home as a way of compromising with the doctor who told me in no uncertain terms not to lift anything heavy or risk losing my right arm altogether.

It was then, I had to get really creative with my dumbbells in order to recover and put back on some of the size I had lost. Fast-forward 15 years and lots of exercises deep, and I’m still banging mainly dumbbells in my home gym as a way of building and maintaining my physique.

In that time, I recognized that building muscle with minimal equipment was a challenge, and that's why I've created this information portal.

How To Use Mission Jacked For Your Next Dumbbell Workout

Training With DumbbellsHow To Use Mission Jacked For Your Next Dumbbell Workout

The best way to use this information site is to jump right in and click your way around to read some of the interesting articles. If you look on the Nav Bar, you will see that we’ve split the body into “Upper Body” and “Lower Body.”

Click on either Tab and you’ll be presented with the individual muscle groups, for example: If you click the “Upper Body” tab, you can click through to the various different upper body muscle groups to find a litany of dumbbell workout exercise tutorials, tips and cues.

"We Aim To Be The Dumbbell Workout, Exercise &
Minimal Equipment Resource

For All Muscle Builders Whether You Train at Home
or in the gym."

Best Dumbbell Only Chest Workout 

Best Dumbbell Only Chest Workout

Click on the Chest Tab and the first article you’ll see will be, “Best Dumbbell Only Chest Workout For Size If You Train at Home." This is a great introduction to some impressive chest dumbbell exercises you can do in your basement, spare room, or garage gym. While there are some exercises that you are familiar with, on the flip side, there may be a few movements that you’ve never done before.

In this article, we also add 3 different dumbbell workouts and an intensity technique for you to implement into your training plan. Scroll down to the bottom of this article and you're led to various other chest dumbbell workout articles such as …

1: Up Your Dumbbell Chest Workout To Stimulating Growth

2: Dumbbell Chest Workout No Bench - No Problem!

3: This is arguably the best chest and tricep workout with dumbbells (Part One) if you’re planning on building muscle at home.

4:  The Best Chest and Tricep Workout Part Two

5: Top 10 Dumbbell Chest Exercises of the year.

Dumbbell Lat Exercises

Dumbbell Lat Exercises

Click on the Back Tab to see our main Lat Dumbbell Exercise article, “7 Dumbbell Lat Exercises To Build A Monster Wide Back.  Here’s your opportunity not only to improve your physique from the rear but also your overall knowledge of working your lats with dumbbells. While we concentrate mainly on dumbbell orientated lat exercises, we also have articles helping you to build your back with cables. 

7 Lower Lat Exercises For A Beefier Wingspan

Pull Your Way To A Bigger Back With The Underhand Lat Pulldown

Rear Delts

Rear Delt Dumbbell Exercises

Rear Delts is an area we’ve put a lot of time and effort into, simply because it’s an area that many lifters have trouble building. Click on this tab and the first article gives you an awesome list of exercises to add to your shoulder workouts - Best Rear Delt Dumbbell Exercises For a Beefy Rearview Appeal. We have more interesting rear delt fly, bent rear delt fly and cable rear delt fly workout articles.

Side Delts

Dumbbell Lateral Raises

We go wide with Side Delts and give you every opportunity to broaden your shoulders and increase your knowledge pool with articles such as - Master True Dumbbell Lateral Raises and the 7 Variations to Develop King-Kong Side Delts and Shoulder Flys – Are Your Delts Getting The Most From This Exercise?

If you want a dumbbell shoulder workout for mass, start here.

Dumbbell Bicep Workout

Dumbbell Drag Curl

Grow your guns and push your arm potential further than before with our bicep articles.  Click the tab and you’ll arrive at A Home Bicep Workout With Dumbbells you won’t forget in a hurry. You're also able to click on other articles to further push your bicep growth.

Dumbbell Tricep Exercises

Dumbbell Tricep Exercises

We've gone to town and brought you the best dumbbell Tricep Exercises on the planet. Taking things one step further, we also included a beast of a dumbbell tricep workout for you to get your teeth into. 

Tricep Press Down vs Tricep Pushdown

Mission Jacked didn't leave things there; we added Tricep cable exercises to give you more scope with your arm development.

Dumbbell Quad Exercises

Dumbbell Quad Exercises

Downstairs in the leg department, we’ve got everything you need to grow huge legs with dumbbells. On the Quad side, we ask you to Try These Quad Exercises at Home With Dumbbells For Size. If you can outlast this article, scroll down the page for more Quad growing reads by Mission jacked.

Dumbbell Hamstring Exercises

We don’t let up when you click on the hamstring tab. If you implement our Hamstring Workout With Dumbbells, you're likely to improve your legs and take your hamstrings to a new level.  If you're bored of your current hamstring exercises and looking for new movements to add to your home workout, click on our Top 15 Best Hamstring Dumbbell Exercises. We also have a five-minute Hamstring workout that will shock your legs into growth.

There's also a good selection of exercises to help make your calves grow.


It’s No Good Having a Dumbbell Workout Without Having The Tools

Choosing Urethane and Rubber Dumbbells For Your Home Gym

The 3 Best 25 lb Dumbbells On The Market

Mental Boosters

You’ll be wrong for thinking that all the hard work is done inside the gym. Your mindset is half the battle. The self-discipline needed to build your physique 2.0 begins with mastery of your thoughts. If you can’t control what you think, you can’t control what you do.

In this section, we supply you with mental boosters to keep your mind focused, driven and sharp, so you have the hunger to get up and go!

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Dumbbell Workout Under The Spotlight

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When you click on the “Dumbbell Workout” tab, you’re going to be presented with a growing list of free full body dumbbell workouts. If you’re in need of a new stimulus to kick-start muscle growth, don’t waste time thinking, put thought into action and grab a free workout session on us.

As this website grows, you’ll start to see more intensity techniques added to our workouts and different strategies for you to implement into your training. These advanced intensity building techniques permit you to go further than conventional failure to work the muscle harder, thus delivering a stimulus to get bigger and stronger. As such, these different workout techniques should not be tried by the inexperienced novice lifter.

 Exercises Under The Spotlight:

Exercise Under The Spotlight

We go one step further and put carefully selected exercises under the spotlight. What makes these exercises glow is the amount of different variations we attach to each movement. Even if you’re familiar with the main exercise, you’ll always find a new variant you can apply to your next workout. Check out these five exercises and their variations

1: The Split Squat

2: Incline Curls

3: Rear Delt Fly

4: Chest Supported Row

5: RDLs

6: Tricep Press Down

7: Dumbbell Lunges

Exercise Tutorials & Workout Videos Under The Spotlight!

Check out growing list of exercise tutorials and workout videos on Youtube.

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We're holding a Huge Dumbbell Exercise Vote to find out what your favorite dumbbell exercises are. 

We would like you take part in our next mass vote. We are looking for the best Dumbbell exercise for each muscle group. All you have to do is spare less than one minute completing the form below. There are 9 muscle group categories with four exercises per muscle group. All you have to do is check the box of the dumbbell exercise you like the most and click submit.

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The BIG-UP Training Tab:

Mission Jacked is also the home of the The BIG-UP Training System, which is a different breed of muscle building workouts for the intermediate and advanced lifter. When it comes to a workout plan for building muscle at home or with limited equipment, nothing comes close to this comprehensive program. 

About Me: Here's your chance to find out about the man behind the Mission Jacked brand. Everyone has a story to tell; here's mine.

Read it all here, from how and why I started training to the moment that changed everything and made me the man I am today!

                                                                                         Final Word:

I hope Mission Jacked becomes more than just a dumbbell workout source of information, but as the site grows, it also becomes an inspiration for you to be the best you can be.

Want To Get More Jacked?

Join my monthly "More Jacked Newsletter" for even more suggestions and advanced tips on how to get and stay naturally JACKED! When you join, I'll give you a FREE 10 page advanced science-based blueprint on how to take your post-workout nutrition to the next level for even more Jacked Gains to stay ahead of the competition.

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