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The 5 Day Dumbbell Workout Plan
That Will Supercharge Muscle-Growth

5 Day Dumbbell Workout

Maximize Your Physique With This 
Dumbbell Workout Program

dumbbell workout program

I don’t know about you, but building muscle as an intermediate lifter can feel like pissing in the wind.

After the newbie gains tail off, trying to add natural muscle to your physique can become a real drain on your motivation.

You start with good intention, and when the results stop, your enthusiasm takes a nosedive. If you don’t have the discipline, drive, and know-how, it's an impossible task.

Train in a public gym and it can be easy to get pulled in by what you see and hear others doing.

As we all know, there are many ways to skin a cat, just like there are numerous ways of training and various methods that can be used to aid muscle growth.

Not all of the approaches are advantageous and risk-free to the intermediary lifter.

It can also be a struggle if you train at home.

With no one to stare you in the right direction, building muscle can be chaotic.

Add a lack of motivation, accountability, and little to no discipline, and building muscle becomes hit-or-miss.

If you’re tired of workouts that produce inadequate results and your motivation is lacking, it’s time to turn your attention to a colossal opportunity to maximize your physique and mindset and be part of something bigger and stronger than one person’s workout.

Welcome to Dumbbell Jacked, the 15-week muscle-building, Video-Based Workout Program.

This 5 day Dumbbell Workout Challenge Will…

· Spark new muscle growth with over 90 challenging dumbbell exercises and some intensity techniques.

· Help you to carve out a more dominant physique and loft you to physical supremacy.

·Galvanize an unbreakable mindset that commands your realm inside and outside of the gym!

·Improve any strength and muscle imbalances for that polished and finished look.

Dumbbell Jacked isn't just any old dumbbell workout program. While the tools of the trade are simple, the results of this well-structured dumbbell workout program can be insane.

Why is "Dumbbell Jacked"

The Best 5 Day Dumbbell Workout Plan

For Building Muscle and Taking My Physique to The Next Level?

dumbbell exercises

Good Question: Most workout plans will give you the answers to questions you didn't know you had. Dumbbell Jacked will give you questions to answers you thought you knew about yourself and about building muscle.

If you’re an early or late intermediate lifter thirsty for new muscle, the Dumbbell Jacked Program promises to take you well out of your comfort zone and place you in unfamiliar territory for you to make the best gains in muscle and mindset.

Here are some more great reasons you should jump on board and make "Dumbbell Jacked" your next Workout Program.

#1: Dumbbell Jacked is A Well Structured
Program Built on Solid Foundations:

dumbbell workout program

The key to a successful dumbbell workout routine is structure. Without structure, you can't maximize your physique. This program will keep you on track and on time.

We're using a five-day training split and three, five-week training cycles, totaling 15 weeks. On weeks 1-4 of each cycle, the focus is on building muscle. Week 5 of each cycle is about fatigue management and getting ready for the new cycle.

Over 40 years of building muscle have gone into creating Dumbbell Jacked and making it a formidable program.

Build Muscle With Full-Body Workouts:

Each dumbbell workout is a full-body training session with genuine advantages for the natural intermediate lifter. These workouts will enable you to spread volume per muscle group over a series of sessions during one week instead of stuffing the volume into one workout.

It also helps control the stress hormone Cortisol so as not to get out of hand and hamper muscle growth.

Our advanced training structure means you can give muscle groups regular growth stimulation while working them directly in proportion to their healing time.

#2: We Use Over 90 Intensive Dumbbell Exercises:

dumbbell exercises

You may have thought it near impossible to come up with enough potent muscle-building exercises to fill up a 5 day dumbbell workout program, but that is exactly what we've done.

We've worked hard testing and building the most in-depth dumbbell exercise treasury to date.

When we say we are the leaders in dumbbell workouts and exercises, we mean it. Nobody comes close to what we've been able to achieve...And We've Just Got Started.

We've selected over 90 dumbbell exercises to blast your muscle fibers from every conceivable angle.

Dumbbell Jacked wasn't crafted to be a familiar friend. It is a challenging full-body dumbbell workout program designed to push you toward bigger and better results.

Why Only Dumbbells?

We designed this workout program using dumbbells for three reasons...

One: If you’ve done a lot of heavy barbell work, you may have noticed that you have one side stronger than the other. This is more evident during the final few reps of a set.

The strongest side often picks up the slack the weakest side leaves behind. As a result, one side is often smaller than the other.

Out of dumbbells and barbells, dumbbells are the best tool for counteracting strength and size imbalances from side to side.

Two: When using a barbell, you are limited to a fixed position which often can be harder on the wrist and elbows. Dumbbells can provide a more natural path from point “A” to point “B.”

Three: While limited to only dumbbells for 15 weeks help's to build discipline especially when you have access to other equipment.

It also helps to prime the muscles for new strength and growth spurts when you return to barbells and machines.

#3: There Are 15 "Train With Me Videos"
To Keep You Motivated

workout routine

We don't just give you a 5 day dumbbell workout plan and wish you the best; what good would that do?

It doesn't help you to master an exercise and it certainly won't keep you ambitious enough to see this dumbbell workout program through to the end and get the results you deserve.

When you start the Dumbbell Jacked program, you're not alone.

You are part of our muscle-building coalition, striving to craft the best physiques and formidable mindsets that will serve our trainees well inside and outside of the gym.

We know that you're a movement by yourself, but we're a Force when we train together.

These 15 in-depth training videos give you an onboard view of the Dumbbell Jacked workout sessions.

For these one-hour workouts, I'm not only your training partner but your workout motivator.

When we train together, it doesn’t matter how hard the day was; expect nothing less than contagious energy.

There are five workout videos for each cycle, which detail the five training sessions you'll undergo each week.

All are recorded in 4K for the highest viewing quality.

Choose How You Use These Daily
Dumbbell Workout Videos

Option 1: On the first week of each cycle, you can watch the corresponding workout video for that day before your training session to get an idea of the exercises, and then carry out your workout.

Option 2: On week one, you could also decide to play the corresponding training video while you train so we crush each workout together.

This method is great if you suffer from a lack of motivation, simply because these inspirational training sessions will push you from start to finish.

You may find it advantageous to train with the corresponding workout video through the 15 weeks. We encourage you to do what works best for you.

We Provide Workout Program Logs

We also provide workout logs for each session. Numbers don't lie, but at some point, your memory will. Our workout sheets are the backbone of this 5 day dumbbell workout program. It's a benchmark as well as a good form of self-accountability.

It's the motivator that knows and holds your inner and most personal training secrets. Completing your training sheets is an easy way to assess and log your performance.

We know some days, the will and hunger to train are weak. Maybe a hard day at work has you mentally drained, or some personal drama has knocked you off course. 

To help counteract these off-days, we've added a library of quick "Mental Pump-Up" videos to get your mind back in the game. Sometimes, all it takes are the right words to kick your ass back into gear.

#4: We Use Intensity Regulators to
Help You Build More Muscle:


Most workout programs give you either a rep range or a set amount of repetitions per set to complete without accounting for intensity.

The problem with this approach is that it doesn't tell you how hard you should train or how much effort you should put into any given set.

What usually happens is that you either train too hard for too long which often leads to burnout, large amounts of fatigue accumulation, and possible injury.

On the flip side, you can train with too little intensity which can have you spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere fast. Both of these methods can hinder your muscle growth ambitions.

While others work on the assumption that progression is always linear, we know that being an intermediate lifter; you couldn’t possibly predict how much weight you would be lifting a month from now.

For this reason, we developed a meaningful training experience that encourages long-term progression by using autoregulation training as the foundation and backbone of this workout program.

To keep your gains heading in the right direction and to provide an additional growth stimulus, you can also expect some of the best intensity techniques to be added throughout the program.

#5: This 5 day Dumbbell Workout Split
Enables You To Regulate Your Volume:

exercise days

The problem with other workout programs is that they use a one-size-fits-all approach. The downside to this is that everyone reacts differently to volume. What works for one person may be too much or too little for another.

As volume control and performance monitoring are critical components of this program, we show you how to monitor and control your volume.

Included in our “Jacked Athlete Service,” we help determine your correct volume levels and show you how to target and bring up specific muscle groups to improve and balance out your physique.

Included with every Dumbbell Jacked program is a blueprint that covers every aspect of this program and a place where you can find advanced tips and tricks on how to maximize this training program.

We advise that you read this before starting the program to understand the training system.

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