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"Transform Your Physique at Home with
the Dumbbell Jacked
Light Weight Hypertrophy

The Dumbbell Jacked Light Weight Hypertrophy Program

Who Is This Program For?  Intermediate to Advanced Lifters:
Workout Split: 3-on-1-off Push-Pull-Legs
Program Length: 4-Week Cycle

Supercharge the Power of Your Light
Dumbbells To Build New Muscle!

"Bye-bye, boring dumbbells! Say hello to a muscle-building revolution at home!

Are your puny light dumbbells holding you back from achieving superhero status? Don't fret, my friend, because we've got the ultimate solution to your home workout woes! Introducing the Dumbbell Jacked Light Weight Hypertrophy Program!

Prepare to witness the transformation of your Home-Built Physique without spending a fortune on heavy weights. We're taking your home-training game to a whole new level with our mind-blowing, hardcore light weight hypertrophy video-based workout program!

The Dumbbell Jacked Light Weight Hypertrophy Program

But How the Heck Did We Create Such a Genius Program
That'll turn You Into a
Muscle-Pumping, Fat-Shredding,
All-Around Bad-Ass??

Buckle up, because we've got some science to drop on you!

Get ready for metabolic stress training, one of the secret sauces behind muscle growth and getting totally jacked! We’re going to push your muscles to the limit with intensity techniques that'll leave 'em begging for mercy. And guess what? Your body's gonna respond in amazing ways!

We're talking about increased blood flow, cellular swelling (the good kind), and the release of anabolic hormones like growth hormone! These awesome responses have some seriously epic benefits for your muscle gains:

1: Cell Swelling: Activate those intracellular pathways responsible for muscle protein synthesis and watch those muscles grow!

2: Anabolic Hormone Release: Pump up the volume on growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) to ignite muscle protein synthesis and hypertrophy!

3: Increased Nutrient Delivery: Supercharge blood flow to your muscles, flooding 'em with the oxygen and nutrients they need for repair and growth!

4: Muscle Fiber Recruitment: Conquer your workouts with techniques that recruit more of the muscle growing fibers and the potential for serious growth stimulation!

Let's Get Into The Nitty-Gritty!

The Dumbbell Jacked Light Weight Hypertrophy Program

The Dumbbell Jacked Light Weight Hypertrophy Program is a 32-Day, 3 on 1 off Push, Pull, Leg Training Cycle, specially crafted to catapult your gains to the next level! We've designed 6 killer workouts that you can customize based on your training schedule. Trust me, this is the golden ticket to muscle gains if you only have lighter dumbbells to work with or if you want to alternate between heavy and light training!

I’ve been mixing both heavy and light sessions in my home workouts for years, and it’s one of the main reasons why after 40+ years of natural bodybuilding, I’ve sustained no training injuries.

Don't Mix Up Light Weights With Easy Work!

Don't make the mistake that because you're using light weights, that this is easy work. This will be one of the most intense workouts you've ever done!

Even if you usually train using heavy weights, this lightweight hypertrophy program can be used to shock your muscle into new growth. It can also give your tendons time to heal before you return back to the heavy lifting.

But hold up, there's more! This isn't your average workout plan, my friend. Nope, it's a video-based workout program where I'll be your training partner and motivational coach. Together, we'll conquer every rep and set together to help unleash a new level of muscle growth!

What you’ll need are dumbbells in pairs,  along with an adjustable bench and a few other items...But you'll be surprised to know that I never used anything heavier than a pair of 30-lb dumbbells...Theses workouts will kick your ass! 

You Can Use This Program In 3 Different Ways

Option 1: Push, Pull, Leg, Rest (3 on 1 off)

Use the program as it’s laid out. The total program duration is 32 days, with each of the six workouts repeated 4 times over the full training cycle. 

Option 2: Push, Pull, Leg, Rest (3 on 1 off) Combing Heavy and Light

Sessions Together In OneTraining Cycle

Combine your regular heavy sessions with the Lightweight Hypertrophy Program. Perform one heavy push, pull, leg session followed by the first push, pull, leg session from our program.By splitting our program in half and alternating between our first 3 workouts and your heavy barbell/cable/machine/dumbbell sessions, you can create two 32-day training cycles. 

Option 3: Push, Pull, Leg, Rest Upper Body, Lower Body, Rest

Ideal if you train 5-day per week.

Split our program in half, starting with the first push, pull, leg sessions followed by a rest day.

Complete a heavier upper body and lower body workout of your choice (barbell/cable/machine/dumbbell) and rest on day 7.This will make 2, 28-day training cycles. 

Are You Ready to Step Up and Dominate?

The Dumbbell Jacked Light Weight Hypertrophy Program

This is your time to shine, my friend! The Dumbbell Jacked Light Weight Hypertrophy challenge will push you to your limits, but will you rise to the occasion? Or will these light weight exercises crush you like a pancake? The choice is yours!

Join the Dumbbell Jacked Light Weight Hypertrophy Challenge now and unleash the beast within!

This is what you’ll get... 

1: The Dumbbell Jacked Lightweight Hypotrophy Program

2: Our Dumbbell Jacked Recovery Blueprint with tips to 2X your results you won't get anywhere else

3:  Email support

4: You’ll also get an opportunity to speak with me for nutrition advice.

Supercharge the Power of Your Light Dumbbells and Build Slabs of Lean Muscle

"Transform Your Physique at Home with the Dumbbell Jacked Light Weight Hypertrophy Program! Say Goodbye to Boring Dumbbells and Hello to Muscle-Building Revolution!

The Link & Password For The Program Will Be On Your Payment Receipt 


Q1: I only have up to 30-lb dumbbells, will this be enough for these dumbbell workouts?

Q2:  I’ve been getting my workouts free on social media, why should I pay for this?

Answers In the video below!

@missionjacked Dumbbell Workouts not working because you've outgrown your dumbbells? No worries, try my Lightweight Hypertrophy Challenge! #dumbellworkout #dumbbellworkouts #workoutprogram #missionjacked ♬ original sound - Mission Jacked

 Q3: How do I fit this workout program into my existing plan?

Q4: How does the program work

@missionjacked Dumbbell Workout: So you've heard the rumors about how good the Light Weight Hypertrophy Dumbbell Workout Program is, seen a few of the jaw-dropping exercises and intensity techniques that'll make your muscles scream for mercy. But wait, you're still pondering how this Dumbbell Workout Program fits into your existing plan...Let me give you a quick break down! #dumbellworkout #workoutprogram #missionjacked ♬ original sound - Mission Jacked

The Link & Password For The Program Will Be On Your Payment Receipt 

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