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These Killer Dumbbell Quad Exercises Will Have You Walking On The Best Legs In Town 

Don’t skip these dumbbell quad exercises if you’re serious about walking on the best legs in town. When it comes to earning lower body bragging rights, and all you have are dumbbells, you can count on your boy Psymon H. to help you get the job done. Last time around, I left you with half-a-dozen underground quad exercises at home with dumbbells, that included the following…

1: Dumbbell Curtsy

2: Toe Squat

3: Platform Step Back Lunge

4: Dumbbell/Band Bulgarian Squat

5: Spring-Loaded Lunge

6: Hell-Raisers

If you haven’t tried any of the above, don’t leave your Quads in suspense; bookmark this page and then throw yourself right in the deep end and leave your Quads to do all of the leg work. You’ll find pictures and cues to help you along.

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Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to read the following cues and implement the exercises in your next lower body workout. Wrist straps are advised on any heavy dumbbell Quad exercise. While some say that going strapless is good for the grip, I think there’s nothing worse than the grip giving out before the Quads are exhausted.


Quad Exercises With Dumbbells

Be Careful Where You Tread - Killer Dumbbell Quad Exercises Up Ahead!

Exercise 1:  Incline Bulgarian Squats:

Chances are you've done your fair shot of traditional Bulgarian Dumbbell Squats; if you haven't, bookmark this page for at least four weeks and get this exercise under your belt. If you're searching for an upgrade, we're going to put the front heel on an incline to redirect some of the stress on your teardrop area. Take this exercise nice and slow until you find your stride and once that happens, improvements will soon follow.

Items Needed: Flat bench or a rack with a bar, one pair of dumbbells, and a bumper or Olympic plate.

Setup: You want to place your incline station (bumper plate or platform) exactly where you would have your front foot on a traditional Bulgarian Squat.

Cue 1: Place the heel of your front leg on the platform. With a dumbbell in each hand, carefully place the topside of your other foot on the bench.

Cue 2: Lean slightly forward, lock in your core, and press the toes of your front foot into the floor. Slowly lower your front leg until it is at a right angle and your back knee is just over the ground.

Cue 3: Briefly pause in the bottom position before smoothly making your way back to the top of the movement. Make sure to repeat the movement on the other leg.

quad exercises at home with dumbbells


Exercise 2: Incline Goblet Squat:

When it comes to dumbbell quad exercises that home in on the Vastus Medialis muscle (teardrop), the Incline Goblet Squat is a movement you can count on. How much you get out of this movement will all depend on how much you put into it.

Items Needed: Bumper plate or a small platform and one dumbbell.

Cue 1: Turn your dumbbell on its head and slide your palms under the top knuckle. Bring the dumbbell in towards your chest.

Cue 2: Step back until your heels are firmly on the platform and your toes pushed into the ground.

Cue 3: Bring your heels in together until they almost touch. Set your toes  at roughly a 45-degree angle.

Cue 4: Tense your core before slowly lowering down until your thighs are at a right angle to the ground.

Cue 5: Stop briefly at the bottom of the movement before driving back to the top. Try and keep your upper torso as still as possible throughout the exercise. Make sure to repeat on the other leg.

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rdl - db

best dumbbell quad exercises

Exercise 3: Incline Lunge:

The one thing you’ll gather when you start mixing it with Mission Jacked is that we never stand still in the same old puddle when there’s a bigger splash to be made. You’ll definitely get your toes wet with this lunge variation. This is a great addition to any dumbbell quad exercises list.

Items Needed: Bumper plate or platform and one pair of dumbbells.

Cue 1: Take a dumbbell in each hand and rest your front heel on the edge of a low platform. Start with your non-working foot in line with your working foot.

Cue 2: Tense your core and keep your torso still before stepping back into the kneeling position with your back knee lightly touching the floor.

Cue 3: Hold this position briefly before driving back up to the start position. Make sure to repeat the movement on the other leg.

dumbbell quad exercise

Exercise 4: Incline Curtsy:

This version of the standard Dumbbell Curtsy takes things up a notch and exposes the quads to an all-out attack. Even the Glutes and Hamstrings can't escape the collateral muscle-fiber damage. There's every chance you'll need a bench close by to take the weight off your blood-engorged quads after your final set. We didn't call this article "Killer Dumbbell Quad Exercises” for nothing.

Items Needed: Bumper plate or low platform and one pair of dumbbells.

Cue 1: Place your heel on the edge of your platform with just your toes touching the floor. Turn the toes on the front leg out to about a 45-degree angle.

Cue 2:  Have your non-working foot at the rear of the platform, directly behind your front heel. Stay on the toes of your back foot.

Cue 3: Tense core and maintain a still torso. Lower yourself down until your back knee is just above your front heel. Let the front leg track out to the side as you go down.

Cue 4: Hold briefly before driving up through the heel of your front leg. Make sure to repeat the movement on the other leg.

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quad workouts with dumbbells

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Exercise 5: Incline Split Squat:

Here comes the last Quad tremor of the article. If you're still standing strong and haven't been shaken down to your boots, either you haven't been training hard enough or you're superhuman. Regardless, this last shockwave will test every muscle fiber. If you need more fire in your next quad workout with dumbbells, add the Incline Split Squat to your routine.

Items Needed: Box, step or platform, and a pair of dumbbells.

Cue 1: With dumbbells in hand, position yourself in a lunge stance, with the front foot on the platform and you on the toes of your back foot. Ensure you maintain an upright posture with your core tight and a square-on torso throughout the movement.

Cue 2: Turn your toes in slightly on the platform so the outer side of your heel sticks out.

Cue 3: Lunge forward until your front knee is at a right angle or just over your ankle. Make sure to stay on the toes of your back foot throughout the movement and maintain a firm base on the platform with your front foot.

Cue 4: Drive through your front heel, keeping your foot firming in contact with the platform as you raise into the standing position. Repeat for the desired amount of repetitions.

quadricep exercises with dumbbells

With the five previous dumbbell quad exercises and this new list, you now have 11 heavy hitters to choose from for your next quad workout with dumbbells. We go out of our way to make it hard for you to come up with any excuse not to have the materials for better Quads. Stay on the lookout for our quad workout with dumbbells coming soon to a home gym near you.

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