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A Full Body Workout at Home Program
That Builds Serious Muscle!

Full Body Workout at Home ProgramA full body workout at home program for a different breed of intermediate and advanced lifter serious about building natural muscle.

The problem with many full body workout at home programs is that they promise much but woefully under deliver.  

The world is full of frail looking home workouts that guarantee muscle building results beyond your wildest dreams. They say all you have to do is turn up and 20lbs of the leanest muscle is yours for the taking.

 Often, these quick-fix workouts are poorly designed by someone clearly lacking in experience and knowledge, with the enthusiasm and drive of a dead wasp. Frequently, the results they tout come from novice lifters who’ve never touched a weight in their life until now, or the classic bulking program where you virtually eat everything under the sun to get your weight up.  Get stuck halfway through the program or have a question to ask and they’re nowhere to be found.

The BIG-UP Training System is a different breed of full body workout at home program for the intermediate and advanced lifter serious about building natural muscle. When it comes to a home workout program, nothing comes close to this comprehensive system.

They say a good muscle building program will give you answers to questions you didn't know you had. The BIG-UP Training System will give you questions to answers you thought you knew.

38 + years of natural muscle building experience and knowhow, with more than 20 years of training in a minimalistic home gym environment has been packed into a formidable 15 week package.

The BIG-UP Training System38 + years of natural muscle building experience and knowhow, with more than 20 years of training in a minimalistic home gym environment.

The Full Body Workout At Home Blueprint:

The BIG-UP Training System is more than a program; it’s a blueprint and high-level plan that guides you through the process of developing and improving your home built physique.

Before undertaking any training, the first area you’re directed to is the blueprint itself. This 60 + page read or audio blueprint covers everything in detail from the training protocol, exercise list and how to regulate your volume, to the latest word on post workout nutrition tips and tricks all backed by science.

There are 17 quick-fire chapters that make up the blueprint. Each section is stuffed full of incredible easy to understand knowledge that puts you streets ahead of the competition and has you fully amped up, prepared and ready to grow.

Training Videos:

Next, let’s talk about the full body workout at home training videos, because this is a huge part of this awesome training program. Most poorly put together programs have half a dozen genie pigs sweating their nuts off trying to complete the workout, while the host splits his time between making sure his trainees are still alive and doing what they’re supposed to be doing and trying to explain what the hell you should be doing.

This full body workout at home program does things different. The mastermind behind the BIG-UP System, Psymon H., trains every set with you, so while you may be training at home on your own, you still feel as if you have a training partner and a workout motivator pushing you to do your best.

Psymon H reminds you that you are part of the BIG-UP collision, grinding out the work together and getting the results together.  When you think about it, this is really empowering especially if you suffer from sudden dips in motivation and discipline.

There are five workouts per week, split over three-five week training cycles, totaling 15 weeks. On week one of each cycle you’re encouraged to use the “Train With Me” videos with the accompanying workout sheets. There are 15 workout videos, five training videos for each cycle which you repeat on the relevant training days. Each workout video contains a warm-up, training session and warm down.

Also contained in the BIG-UP Video Library are two Ab and Core workouts that can be done either after a training session or on rest days.

The Training Protocol:

Psymon H.With your grit and determination and my knowledge and know-how, we'll grow some serious muscle together.

Most full body workout at home programs is based on the assumption that progression is always linear. This is true for the novice lifter who can almost guarantee an increase in weight on every workout.

The BIG-UP Training principle is based on the fact that the same can’t be said for the intermediate or advanced lifter who couldn’t possibly predict how much weight they would be lifting a month from now due to central and peripheral fatigue from previous bouts of exercise.

The training is centered on the use of auto-regulation training that ebbs and flows based on your current level of fatigue. When you use auto-regulation training, your fatigue is being managed on your performance within a given set. This means that sometimes you lift more and sometimes less weight for the same amount of reps per set and reps in reserve, simply because naturally, you'll push yourself when you’re in an optimal state to perform and pull back when you’re not.

When it comes to training hard without a physical training partner on hand, safety and the ability to manage fatigue are paramount. Auto-regulation training is the best way to get results while putting safety first.

One important note to make about auto regulation training is that this system uses Reps in Reserve (or RIR) as a tool to measure the intensity of effort. If you're new to reps in reserve, don't worry, you'll soon get the hang of this convenient way of tracking workout intensity and measuring how hard a set feels and how many more reps you could have achieved to failure.

This full body workout at home program also has variables you can control, which help you develop the skill of rating your performance set by set. For example, you’re given a reps per set and reps in reserve target for each working set you perform to help you discover your exertion level.

Full Body WorkoutWith minimal equipment mixed huge desire to get the job done, BIG things can happen. That's what the BIG-UP Training System is all about!

The major advantage of auto-regulation training is that it teaches you how to become a really efficient self-coach, that’s why you’re asked to log every working set on the training sheets provided so you can follow your own progress and make the necessary adjustments.

To get a better idea of what a BIG-UP workout looks like and how auto-regulation training is implemented, here’s a quick example. Let’s say you're using 10 repetitions per working set and 2 repetitions in reserve as your intensity benchmark, meaning that after every set of 10 repetitions, you'll aim to leave no more than two reps in the tank.

After the first set of prescribed repetitions has been completed, you'll assess your performance with the specified 2 reps in reserve in mind. You do this by asking yourself a simple 'yes' or 'no' question after each set: "Am I above or below the Reps in Reserve target?"

If you undershoot your reps in reserve target, for example, you have 4 or more reps in the tank after set one; you will add weight to set two. If you overshoot the reps in reserve target where you have 1 or fewer reps in reserve, you will remove weight for set two. You repeat this same process after each set is completed.

If, after careful consideration, you assess your performance as the same reps in reserve prescribed, i.e., you're not higher or lower than the 2 reps in reserve, then you keep the same load for the following set and ask yourself the same question again after completing the next set.

 As the weeks move on, what you thought were two repetitions in reserve on week one may eventually feel more like a three or four reps in reserve by week four.

This way of training will help you continuously assess your performance with a "reps in reserve" benchmark in mind. At first, you may have difficulties rating your reps in reserve as a standalone measurement of performance, but because there's a rep-per-set yardstick given for each workout, you only need to assess whether you're higher or lower than the reps in reserve target.

 In the above scenario, it doesn't matter if you're always above or below the reps in reserve benchmark; the key is to measure your performance set-by-set and be in a position to adjust the weight accordingly.

Auto-regulation training forms a foundation the BIG-UP training System builds upon. Once it becomes second nature to assess training performance this way, special intensity techniques are added. The blueprint offers a much more in depth look at the training protocol and also answers some FAQ’s.

You will use the auto-regulation training protocol as the base for cycle one, two and three. On cycle one, you will use straight sets so you become an expert at determining your reps in reserve and performance. As you become more proficient, you’ll be incorporating supersets on cycle two and in-set supersets on cycle three.

Full Body Workout At Home Question "What Are In-Set Supersets?"

Muscle Building At HomeThe BIG-UP Training System will see you attempt to add real armor to your Back by way of the Dumbbell Bent Over Row – For this to happen you must pull with everything you got.

 You’re going to up the intensity of your workout by forging together two exercise movements for the same muscle group inside one set, while still using the auto-regulation protocol as your base. Unlike traditional supersets, where one exercise is completed before immediately doing another set of a different exercise, you will alternate between two different exercise movements for the same muscle group inside one set.

Each exercise pairing has been carefully matched so you can move seamlessly between the two movements to increase intensity and deliver a bigger stimulus to the muscle. One rep of each movement makes one whole repetition. Concentration and good form will be essential. 

Full Body Workout At Home Exercise Selection:

The Press and SqueezeWe apply serious pressure to the PEC area with Standing Plate Press & Squeeze.

The exercise selection is where this full body workout at home program really excels and pulls ahead of the competition. The first thing you will notice is that a great portion of the 65+ exercise movements that make up the program are with dumbbells.

Asked why there is more emphasis on dumbbell work, Psymon H say’s the following.

“For an intermediate and advanced lifter who’s been training for a while with barbells and machines, dumbbells can be more joint-friendly than their barbell equivalent. While dumbbells are excellent for home-trainees with limited space and equipment, they can also minimize any strength imbalances, ensuring both limbs do the same amount of work.

A few exercises will require an overhead cable machine or a pulley system secured to a rack or overhead anchor. If you train at home, you can purchase a good quality pulley system for less than $80 on Amazon. If neither is available, specific exercises can be replaced by a resistance band and overhead anchor.

While you may be accustomed to doing some of the movements in this muscle building program, be aware that there will be exercises that may be alien to you. This full body workout at home program was never crafted to be a familiar friend or a lazy man’s comfort zone. This program was designed to challenge the intermediate to advanced lifter and take them to unfamiliar places where new muscle can be built and exercise weaponry added to their training arsenal.”

This Full Body Workout At Home Program Gives You the Opportunity to Take Advantage of the BIG-UP Athlete Care Package:

BIG UP ExerciseA BIG-UP Workout Session With Me May Rile Up The Beast Inside You!!

Imagine being in a position to have all of your ducks placed in a row for you, from your nutrition and supplements being thought out on your behave and being kept on track both mentally and physically so you can breeze through each training week.

When you have a problem or are in need of a kick in the right direction, being able to get the support you need when you need it.  The BIG-UP Training System offers an Athlete Care Package Service that takes all of the guesswork out of bettering your home built physique. 

 What Kind of Results Can I Expect
From This Full Body Workout At Home Program?

When it comes to the question of how much muscle can I gain from this bodybuilding home workout program, there is no one blanket answer that covers everyone. While other programs promise great results for every participant from the very outset which is often based on a newbie using the program and training for the first time, the truth of the matter is results and outcomes are very much based on the individual using this full body workout at home program. There are many considerations that will go into the results such as…

·         How long the person has been training and how close they are to their genetic ceiling (the closer they are to their genetic ceiling the less muscle you will build naturally.)

·         Nutrition and overall adherence to a solid diet

·         Whether natural or enhanced

·         Adherence to the program

The BIG-UP Promise: If you do everything in your power to have all avenues covered, you follow the blueprint and training program, give everything and leave nothing; you can expect to take your home built physique to another level.

If your full body workout at home program has become stale and boring, you need to stop wasting time and get with the BIG-UP Training System, because home is where the muscle is.

In 2022 we will be Beta launching the BIG-UP full body workout at home program, and will be looking for a limited number of athletes to participate in our 15 week program. Inside the Beta launch you will be given full athlete privileges such as...

·         The BIG-UP Brainstorming session. This is where we have a virtual meeting to introduce myself, access where you’ve been and where you’re hoping to go. We’ll also discuss your diet, progress pictures and everything needed to get off to a BIG-UP Start.

·         Weekly Check-ins via email

·           Virtual Meeting once every five week cycle to discuss progress, training, mental and physical motivation

·         Meal Plans and adjustments

·         15+ hours of “Train with Me “videos

If you would like to be the first to benefit from this muscle building program and take your physique to a whole new level, complete the form below and submit it immediately. 

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Have you got what it takes to become a BIG-UP Athlete & complete this full body workout at home program?  

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