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Do The Reverse Grip Dumbbell Row
For Bigger and Denser Lower Lats

The Reverse Grip Dumbbell Row Master Class

Even if you train with minimal equipment, you can still target your lower lats and grow a thicker back with the Reverse Grip Dumbbell Row. 

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Dumbbell Lat Exercise

The Reverse Dumbbell Row is a back-building exercise that mostly targets the lower latissimus dorsi muscles that any lifter can utilize, even if they have minimal gym equipment.

While there are many row variations you can add to your workout plan, there are some great benefits to adding the reverse grip dumbbell row.

Who Am I?

Reverse Grip Dumbbell Row Master Class by Psymon H

Hi, I'm Psymon H., your online training partner, workout motivator, and the man behind the Mission Jacked Brand. In this exercise master class, we're going to take a look at this extraordinary dumbbell row.  I'll share the best way to perform this exercise to target the lower regions of the lats. I'll also give you some advanced variations to take your training to the next level...Let's Row!! 

How to Do A Reverse Grip Dumbbell Row: 

How to Do A Reverse Grip Dumbbell Row:
db lat exercises

dumbbell lat workout
underhand lat pulldown

Items Needed: one pair of dumbbells.

Proper Form: 

Cue 1: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. If you have weak wrists, start with the dumbbells in a neutral position (palms facing each other.) If you have no wrist issues and feel strong, start with the dumbbells in a supinated position (underhand grip.)

Cue 2: Hinge over at the hips. With arms straight and the dumbbells on either side of your legs, bend your knees, lift your chest, tense your core and maintain a flat back.

Cue 3: Retract your shoulder blades by pulling them down and back.

Cue 4: If you're starting with dumbbells in a neutral position, turn your wrist so your palms are in a reverse grip position as you lift the dumbbells.

Cue 5: Drive the dumbbells into your hips while keeping your elbows close to your body.

Cue 6: At the top of the dumbbell row, squeeze your back muscles as hard as you can.

Cue 7: Slowly return the dumbbells to the start position and return from the reverse grip into the neutral grip as your arms straighten.

If your grip is weak or using heavy dumbbells, use wrist straps and wear a belt.

lat dumbbell exercises
underhand cable pulldowns

Reverse Grip Dumbbell Row Benefits:

Reverse Grip Dumbbell Row Benefits:

how to workout your lats with dumbbells

1: Dumbbells have a distinct benefit over their barbell counterparts when it comes to making sure that both sides do an equal amount of work. Barbells can increase strength imbalances between the left and the right side.

2: Dumbbells allow you to be more flexible with hand positioning. When you do a Reverse Grip Barbell Row (Yates Row), your hands are locked into a supinated position (underhand grip) throughout the movement.

This can put lots of stress on the weak wrist at various parts of the exercise. With the Reverse grip db row, you have the flexibility to be able to start the movement with dumbbells in a neutral position and smoothly move to a reverse grip as you pull the dumbbells up.

3: You can only pull a Reverse Grip Barbell Row to your pelvis bone. With Reverse Grip Dumbbell Rows, you can focus on pulling the dumbbells past your hips and squeezing your back muscles even more.

4: When it comes to choosing a compound exercise with dumbbells, the Reverse Grip Dumbbell Row does more than the traditional dumbbell row to hit the lower lat muscles. When you use an overhand grip (pronated grip) with elbows flared, the upper back is the main focus.

 5: While the lying dumbbell (prone row), Incline Bench, and the Chest Supported Dumbbell Row variation offer lots of benefits to those with tight hamstrings and weak lower backs, the Reverse Grip Row with Dumbbells builds additional strength in the core, lower back, and hamstrings.

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Reverse Grip Dumbbell Row Muscles Worked: 

Reverse Grip Dumbbell Row Muscles Worked:

Latissimus Dorsi muscles (especially the lower lats)

Teres Minor

Teres major

Mid and lower Trapezius

Rear Delts

Rhomboid minor

Rhomboid major






lat exercises dumbbell
underhand pull down
prone db row

A Reverse Grip Dumbbell Row Variation 

Want to take your Reverse Grip Dumbbell Rows to an advanced level? Great, hold onto your hats and warn your lats  for this variation 

The Twisted Reverse Grip Single-Arm Dumbbell Row:

The Twisted Reverse Grip Single-Arm Dumbbell Row:
A Reverse Grip Dumbbell Row Variation

In previous dumbbell lat exercise articles, I've mentioned the Twisted Single-Arm Dumbbell Row which is a great movement for targeting the lower lat fibers. By using a reverse grip, we can drill down into the lower lat fibers and make this one of the best lower lat dumbbell exercises on the planet. 

Items Needed: a flat bench and one dumbbell

The Setup: This is the most important aspect so make sure to follow all of the cues so you can get the best out of this underhand grip dumbbell row. 

1: Knee on the edge of a flat bench with one knee. The goal is to place the supporting leg on the ground as far back as possible. Rest the arm on the same side as your bent knee on the bench for support. At first, it will feel as if you will lose your balance, but you will get used to this extended position.

2: The next part of the setup will feel alien to you but is simply the most important part of the setup and is responsible for the lower lat activation. Pick up the dumbbell with your free hand with a reverse grip and hold it by your side with the arm straight. Twist your torso so that you are almost looking over the hip of the leg resting on the ground. 

Cue 1:  Retract your shoulder blades by pulling them back and down. You should feel your lower Lat activate. Row the dumbbell up while aiming to place it in your rear pocket by pulling the dumbbells around the side of your hip.

Cue 2: Return to the start position and repeat for the desired amount of repetitions on both sides. 

Important Note: Apart from the reverse grip, the other major difference between this version and the traditional single-arm dumbbell row is that at the fully straightened arm position you're not trying to row the dumbbell from the ground, but instead from the twisted upright, eyes over your hip position.

You may experience a little cramp in your lower lats during the exercise due to the extreme position. This is perfectly normal as the tension and activation are more active in this position. 

supinated pulldown

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