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7 Lower Lat Exercises For A Beefier Wingspan 

Lower Lat Exercises

Add these lower Lat Exercises to your back workout if you If you want to build dense amounts of muscle in your lower lats.

I Train At Home with Minimal Equipment,
So How do I Make My Lower Lats Bigger?

It doesn’t matter if you train at home with minimal equipment; you can still attack your lower lats to great effect. The first thing you must understand is hand and elbow placement.

In most cases, when you keep your elbows close to your sides and use an underhanded grip as you would do carrying out an underhand pulldown or row, you engage more of your lower latissimus dorsi

If you place your elbows in a wider position and take an overhand grip such as you would do carrying out a wide-grip pulldown or flared row, you utilize more upper lats.

Q: How Do You Work Your Lower Lats?
A: Add In These Magnificent 7
 Lower Lat Exercises!

How Do You Work Your Lower Lats?

On this occasion, we ditched the barbell and went for dumbbells, pulleys, and band-friendly exercise movements. Here’s a list of the magnificent 7 lower lat exercises.

1: Underhand Lat Pulldowns

2: Twisted Single-Arm Dumbbell Row

3: Reverse chest supported db row

4: Straight Arm Rope-Pulldown

5: Flat dumbbell Row

6: Seated Rope Pulls

7: Decline Reverse Dumbbell Pullover

More Lat Dumbbell Exercises

If you’re ready, let’s break down all of the movements and get the best out of each exercise.

The Magnificent 7 Best Lower Lat Exercises

1: The Underhand Lat Pulldown

The Underhand Lat Pulldown 1
The Underhand Lat Pulldown 2

Two of the major factors for targeting the lower lats are elbow and grip position. The Underhand Lat Pulldown is one of the great lower lat exercises because it takes advantage of the elbows coming in close to the sides in the contracted position and the underhand grip.

Items Needed: A Cable Pulley System and a straight bar. If you don’t have access to a pulley cable, you can use two medium to heavy resistance bands and an overhead anchor.

Cue 1: Grab the bar with an underhand grip and give yourself some room by stepping back.

Cue 2:  Sit on the floor with straight arms and tilt back until you are about at a 45-degree angle. Raise your chest and tighten your core.

Cue 3: Retract your shoulders as you bring the bar down towards your lower chest area. Try to bring the elbows back as far as possible.

Cue 4: Concentrate on squeezing your lats before slowly returning the bar to the start position.

The Best Dumbbell Lat Exercises

Natty Jacked Program

Underhand Lat  Pulldown - aka

1: Cable Lat Pulldown With Underhand Grip

2: Underhand Lat Pulldowns

3: Kneeling Underhand Lat Pulldown

4: Kneeling Underhand Lat Pulldowns

5: Underhand Kneeling Lat Pulldown

6: Underhand Kneeling Lat Pulldowns

7: Lat Pulldown Reverse Grip

8: Reverse Grip Lat Pulldown

9: Reverse Grip lat Pulldowns

10: Lat Pulldowns Reverse Grip

11: Seated Underhand Lat Pulldown

12: Seated Underhand Lat Pulldowns

13: Underhand lat Pulldown Seated

14: Underhand Lat Pulldowns Seated

15: Supinated Pulldowns

16: Supinated Pulldown

17: Seated Supinated Pulldown

18: Seated Supinated Pulldowns

19: Supinated Lat Pulldowns

20: Supinated Lat Pulldown

21: Seated Reverse Grip Lat Pulldown

22: Seated Reverse Grip Lat Pulldowns

23: Underhand Pulldowns

24: Underhand Pulldown

underhand cable pulldowns

Exercise 2: Twisted Single-Arm Dumbbell Row

Twisted Single-Arm Dumbbell Row

Once you start attacking this twisted dumbbell row variation, you’ll quickly realize what you’ve been missing in your lat workouts. The cramped feeling in your lower lats after just one set is hard to describe. After you’ve experienced all this row has to offer, you’ll quickly have this as one of your favorite lower Lat exercises.

Equipment Needed: Flat bench and one dumbbell.

Set-Up: The set-up is the most important aspect for getting the exercise looking and feeling right.

1: Start by kneeling on the edge of a flat bench and placing your hand as support, similar to a Single-arm dumbbell row. The goal here is to place the leg that is on the ground as far back as possible without losing your balance and falling over.

2: The next part of this setup is responsible for the lower Lat being involved. Pick up a dumbbell and twist your upper torso so that you're looking over the hip of the leg resting on the ground.

Cue 1: Unlike the traditional Single Arm Row, where you lower the dumbbell to the floor for a fuller stretch before rowing it, here you only row until your arm is straight. With your torso twisted in place, retract your shoulder and row the dumbbell as if you're about to place it in your back pocket.

Cue 2: At this point, you should feel your lower Lat contract. While maintaining the twist, bring the dumbbell back to the straight arm position, making sure not to lose your balance. Remember that you are not rowing the dumbbell to the ground but until your arm is straight.

Cue 3: Make sure that before each repetition that you are twisted and looking over your hip before retracting your shoulder and setting off.

lats dumbbell exercises
how to grow lats
underhand pulldown

Exercise 3: Reverse Chest Supported db Row

Reverse Chest Supported db Row
Chest Supported db Row

The fifth member of the magnificent 7 Best Lower Lat Exercises, the Reverse Chest Supported db Row is such a caring exercise. It wants you to take the weight off your lower back and tight hamstrings, but that is where the niceties end. The heavy row into your hips with a reverse grip is the part of the exercise responsible for targeting and stimulating growth into the lowest portions of the latissimus dorsi.

 Items Needed: Incline bench set at between a 45 and 75-degree angle, and one pair of dumbbells.

 Cue 1: Straddle the incline bench and walk your way up until you are comfortably leaning over the back pad.

Cue 2: With dumbbells hanging directly underneath the line of your shoulders and your palms in the neutral position, retract your shoulder blades by pulling them down. At this point, you should feel your Lats activate.

Cue 3: Tighten your core and as you row the dumbbells into your hips, turn your wrist so that they are in a supinated position. Keep your elbows close to your sides.

Cue 4: Hold briefly before slowly returning to the start position.

Get More Chest Supported Row Work In

how to work lats with dumbbells
underhand pull down
prone db row

More Lower Lat Exercises For You To Try!

Exercise 4: Straight Arm Rope-Pulldown

Straight Arm Rope-Pulldown

While there are many ways of attacking this exercise, the method of most interest to us is the slight tilt forward, using rope attachments. This puts major stress on the lower lat muscles and can also be done using two resistance bands looped from an overhead anchor.

Items Needed: Overhead Pulley Cable, 2 rope attachments

Setup: Attach both ropes to the pulley and pull them through so they become two long rope attachments. Step back and hold the ropes with palms facing each other in a slight hinge at the hip position with straight arms overhead.

Cue 1: Pull down on the ropes as if you are about to retract your shoulders. Bring the ropes down with straight arms to the side of your body.

Cue 2: Slowly bring them back to the start position.

supinated pulldown

Exercise 5: The Flat Dumbbell Row -aka Prone Row

The Flat dumbbell Row
The Flat db Row

Here comes another row but from a slightly different angle. We’re taking this row into a flat position to eliminate momentum and any chance of other areas of the back coming in and robbing the work of the lower lats. What makes this movement part of the Magnificent 7 Lower Lat Exercises is how you row the bells.

Items Needed: Flat bench, 2 crates, and one pair of dumbbells

The Setup: Raise a flat bench off the floor by placing it on two crates to allow for more room without the dumbbells hitting the floor.

Cue 2: Lay flat on the bench and grab a dumbbell in each hand with palms facing each other. Have your feet set back to allow your thighs to stay out of the line of the movement.

Cue 3: Set Scapula first by pulling back on your shoulder blades. As you pull the dumbbells back, turn your wrist to a supinated position and row the dumbbell into your hips.

db lat workout
lat pulldown underhand

Exercise 6: Seated Rope Pulls

Seated Rope Pulls
Seated Rope Pulls

Here’s another direct hit for your lower lats and an exercise that doesn't take huge amounts of weight to make it work. Keeping every part of the movement strict so you can feel the lower lats contract is fundamental. 

Items Needed: Pulley cable system, flat bench, and two rope attachments. You can also do this with 2 resistance bands and an overhead anchor.

Set up your bench a few feet away from your pulley station and grab the rope attachments with an overhand grip. Sit upright on the bench with arms straight in front of you.

Cue 1: As you pull the ropes towards your lower chest, rotate your palms so that they finish in a supinated position.

Cue 2: Now retract your shoulder blades by pulling your elbows down. Bring the ropes back to the start of the exercise.

Exercise 7: Decline Reverse Dumbbell Pullover

Decline Reverse Dumbbell Pullover
Reverse Dumbbell Pullover

We end the Magnificent 7 Best Lower Lat Exercises in style. It’s hard to think of any Lat exercise list without some form of a pullover. Here, we've gone for the unexpected Decline Reverse Dumbbell Pullover to ease the last bit of fight out of the lower lats and put them in “grow-mode.”

Items Needed: A decline bench or one end of a flat bench on a low to medium height platform. You will also need one pair of dumbbells.

Cue 1: Lay back on a decline bench with your arms behind the head and the dumbbells in a reverse grip.

Cue 2: Retract your shoulders by bringing them down and tensing your Lats.

Cue 3: Bring your arms over in a semi-cycle motion to your mid-torso while still squeezing your Lat muscles.

Dumbbell Pullovers For Lats - Build Width With These 4 Pullover Variations.
prone row

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